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Empowering learners in the classroom by addressing topics in our three modules: health, professional development, and life skills.


According to the United Nations, over 7 million people in South Africa are living with HIV. GFSA health module team members aim to engage students with interactive lesson plans, tailored to prepare learners for real life, high pressure situations.

Number 1

Health Module Lesson Plans Include:

Sexual Health Literacy and Safe Sex Practices

GFSA health team members will be expected to understand basic reproductive anatomy and drive classroom discussion on responsible sex practices crucial to live a long and healthy life.

Number 2

Pregnancy, Development and Family Planning

GFSA health team members are expected to understand healthy pregnancy and development processes, while encouraging classroom dialogue on important family planning topics.

Professional Development

The township of Khayelitsha poses many unique challenges for entrepreneurs. GFSA professional development module team members engage students to enhance autonomy and bolster entrepreneurial spirit.

Number 1

Professional Development Module Lesson Plans Include:

Goal Development

GFSA professional development team members are expected to effectively communicate the importance of planning and goal-oriented reasoning in microenterprise and vocational pursuits.

Number 2

Autonomy in Industry

GFSA professional development team members are aware of the economic landscape in Khayelitsha, and establish classroom dialogue on the importance of encouraging business pursuits with a specific strategy.

Life Skills

Economic hardship and substance abuse continue to challenge young learners in Khayelitsha to get the most out of their education. GFSA life skills team members engage students in situational exercises that shine a light on overcoming social issues.

Number 1

Life Skills Module Lesson Plans Include:

Substance Use & Abuse

GFSA life skills team members are expected to have a thorough understanding of commonly abused substances in South Africa, and to effectively communicate the importance of drug prevention and rehabilitation.

Number 2

Healthy Relationships

GFSA life skills team members will engage learners in dialogue designed to promote self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence skills necessary to build healthy relationships with partners.