Our Work For The

Building Communities: Locally & Abroad

Golden Future South Africa’s affiliation with the University of Windsor allows us to recruit a competitive team of bright young minds. The University of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA) works tirelessly with our organization to assist in fundraising initiatives, special events, and volunteer training that allows us to make a sizeable impact. Students at the local university network with their peers, professors, and local businesses to build their skills at home, and make a difference abroad.

Supporting Business in Khayelitsha

Golden Future aims to prove that age is no barrier to entrepreneurship. By introducing young learners to classroom activities that challenge them to overcome the obstacles of operating a small business, we aim to encourage the next generation of South Africans to realize the business opportunities available in their own community. However, our work doesn’t stop with the students. Golden Future South Africa members often have the opportunity to visit local small businesses, and collaborate with the owners to provide advice and techniques to help their businesses grow.

Building Hope

To the passionate entrepreneur, the idea of running a business is an irresistible challenge. Businesses can build communities, and inspire a new generation of self-sufficient leaders. However, establishing sustainable businesses in a developing country presents an entirely unique set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Through our work, we aim to inspire a generation of capable South African entrepreneurs to seize their available business opportunities, and create a more prosperous country.