Khayelitsha South Africa
One in three people walk 200 meters or further to access water.

Divided by the Apartheid

Spanning roughly 40 square kilometers, Khayelitsha is the largest and fastest growing township in all of South Africa, with a current population of over 2 million inhabitants. While only officially founded in 1985, its establishment is prefaced by a rich and controversial history. The apartheid (translated from the Afrikaans word for ‘apartness’), was a social and political system of racial segregation supported by the South African government from 1948 until 1991. Non-whites were forced out of the most developed areas of South Africa and deprived of social, occupational and physical freedoms; ultimately exacerbating unemployment, crime and poverty in the underdeveloped areas of South Africa.

Recovery: Picking Up the Pieces

While dissolution of the apartheid brought relief to the people of South Africa, Khayelitsha was faced with the challenge of rehabilitating a severely disadvantaged community, a task accompanied by many struggles. With over 50% of the population of Khayelitsha being under 19 years of age, empowering the of youth of the township to restore the health, safety, and economic growth of the community has become the focal point of our organization.

Journey from Windsor to Cape Town

Every year the Golden Future South Africa team flies over 13 000 km to the city of Cape Town to establish our headquarters and prepare for the daily excursion to Khayelitsha. Ground transportation brings us safely to the community schools in the township, located just on the outskirts of Cape Town.