Golden Future South Africa (GFSA) – Fundraising Goals

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Fundraising Goal: $40,000

No member of GFSA is paid any salary, or benefits financially from any involvement in the organization. All fundraising contributions are directly applied to the outreach project.

Projected Fund Allocation:

Goal #1: $20,000 for Khayelitsha school supplies

                Each year the GFSA organization travels to Khayelitsha with thousands of necessary school supplies to ensure no student gets left behind. Current initiatives:

  • Providing stationary supply packages to each student

  • Enhancing computer laboratories to allow internet access

  • Building permanent athletic equipment storage areas

  • Restoring school property wastelands into usable athletic fields

Goal #2: $15,000 to reduce travel expenses for GFSA educators

                Safe travel to Khayelitsha is financially challenging for many of our University of Windsor student volunteers. Your donation will help reduce the cost of overseas flight and ensure that we are able to secure safe accommodations throughout our 3 week overseas trip

Goal #3: $5000 for GFSA organization improvement initiatives

  • Purchasing 4 portable LCD projectors to enhance the quality of our educational seminars

  • Purchasing GFSA team duffle bags that can help ensure our donated supplies can arrive safely to their destination

All donations help bring us closer to our fundraising goal, but most importantly they help to inspire a community greatly in need. We thank you for your contribution!